Biomechanical basics of human movement
Sub Judul / Joseph Hamill, Kathleen M. Knutzen, and Timothy R. Derrick.
Call Number 612.76 HAM
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wolters Kluwer
Pengarang HAMILL, Joseph - KNUTZEN, Kathleen M. ; DERRICK, Timothy R.
Subyek Human Physiology ; Fisiologi Manusia, Ilmu Faal, Anatomi dan Fisiologi Manusia
Deskripsi This book integrates current literature, meaningful numerical examples, relevant applications, hands-on exercises, and functional anatomy, physics, calculus, and physiology to help your students develop a holistic understanding of human movement. The book’s chapters are essentially self-contained, allowing you maximum teaching flexibility in structuring your course
Introduction to avionics systems
Sub Judul / R.P.G. Collinson.
Call Number 629.135 COL
Tahun Terbit 2011
Penerbit Springer
Pengarang COLLINSON, R.P.G. -
Subyek Aeronautics ; Aeronautika
Deskripsi This book explains the basic principles and underlying theory of the core avionic systems in modern civil and military aircraft, comprising the pilot’s head-up and head-down displays, data entry and control systems, fly by wire flight control systems, inertial sensor and air data systems, navigation systems, autopilots and flight management systems. The implementation and integration of these systems with current (2010) technology is explained together with the methods adopted to meet the very high safety and integrity requirements
Principles of biochemistry
Sub Judul / Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet, and Charlotte W. Pratt.
Call Number 572 VOE
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang VOET, Donald - VOET, Judith G. ; PRATT, Charlotte W.
Subyek Biochemistry ; Biokimia
Deskripsi The latest edition continues this tradition, and additionally incorporates coverage of recent research and an expanded focus on preparing and supporting students throughout the course. And also providing the opportunity to assess conceptual understanding of key introductory biochemistry concepts and retrain themselves on their misconceptions
SOSIOLOGI industri
Sub Judul
Call Number 306.36 SOS
Tahun Terbit 1992
Penerbit Rineka Cipta
Pengarang PARKER, S.J. - BROWN, R.K. ; Child, J. ; SMITH, M.A.
Subyek Culture and institutions
Introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry in the laboratory
Sub Judul / Morris Hein, Scott Pattison, and Susan Arena.
Call Number 540 HEI
Tahun Terbit 2015
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang HEIN, Morris - PATTISON, Scott ; ARENA, Susan
Subyek Chemistry ; Kimia
Deskripsi This eleventh edition continues its tradition of fostering the development of problem-solving skills, featuring numerous examples and coverage of current applications. Skillfully anticipating areas of difficulty and pacing the material accordingly, this readable work provides clear and logical explanations of chemical concepts as well as the right mix of general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry
The earth through time
Sub Judul / Harold L. Levin.
Call Number 551.7 LEV
Tahun Terbit 2013
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang LEVIN, Harold L. -
Subyek Geology, hydrology, meteorology ; Geologi, hidrologi, meteorologi
Deskripsi This new edition offers many new and enhanced features, including more than a hundred new figures, 75 new questions at end of chapter "Questions for Review and Discussion", and additional "Enrichment Boxes." Furthermore, new sections have been added, including: A Variety of Paleozoic Living Strategies and What Lies Ahead for Humanity. The revised Geological Time Scale is also included to conform to the most recent recommendation of the International Congress on Stratigraphic Nomenclature
Research in psychology : methods and design
Sub Judul / C. James Goodwin and Kerri A. Goodwin.
Call Number 150.72 GOO
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang GOODWIN, C. James - GOODWIN, Kerri A.
Subyek Psychology ; Psikologi, Ilmu Jiwa
Deskripsi This edition covers ethics of animal research up to date, primarily by incorporating the thoughtful treatment of the issue by Hal Herzog in his recent text about human-animal interaction. It closes with a discussion of how to review the literature with a new section that includes specific tips on how to organize and write a literature review. This issue also includes a discussion of effect size, power, and meta-analysis, especially by showing the manner in which they are interrelated and significantly increases coverage of the methods used and the issues involved with conducting online research
Intra (Indonesia trade insight)
Sub Judul
Call Number 382.9598
Tahun Terbit 2016
Penerbit Kementerian Perdagangan RI
Pengarang -
Subyek Commerce, Communications, Transportation ; Perdagangan, Komunikasi, Transportasi
Deskripsi Kepemilikan / Holding : 2016 : Ed. XIII (2)
AMINO-ACIDS, peptides, and proteins, volume 3 : a review of the literature published during 1970
Sub Judul / by senior reporter G.T Young.
Call Number 547.75 AMI
Tahun Terbit 1970
Penerbit The Chemical Society
Pengarang - YOUNG, G.T
Subyek Organic chemistry ; Kimia organik
Technoculture : the key concepts
Sub Judul / Debra Benita Shaw.
Call Number 303.483 SHA
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit Berg Publishers
Pengarang SHAW, Debra Benita -
Subyek Social Change ; Perubahan Sosial
Deskripsi This book explores the power of scientific ideas, their impact on how we understand the natural world and how successive technological developments have influenced our attitudes to work, art, space, language and the human body
APPLIED time series econometrics
Sub Judul / edited by Helmut Lutkepohl and Markus Kratzig.
Call Number 330.0151955 APP
Tahun Terbit 2004
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang - LUTKEPOHL, Helmut ; KRATZIG, Markus
Subyek Econometric ; Ekonometrik
Deskripsi This book is used for predicting future developments of variables of interest such as economic growth, stock market volatility or interest rates. A model has to be constructed, accordingly, to describe the data generation process and to estimate its parameters. Modern tools to accomplish these tasks are provided in this volume, which also demonstrates by example how the tools can be applied
How to write and illustrate scientific papers
Sub Judul / Bjorn Gustavii.
Call Number 808.0665 GUS
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang GUSTAVII, Bjorn -
Subyek Rhetoricand Collections of Literary ; Retorik, Retorika dan Kumpulan Karya Sastra
Deskripsi This book will help both first-time writers and more experienced authors, in all biological and medical disciplines, to present their results effectively. Whilst retaining the easy-to-read and well-structured approach of the previous edition, it has been broadened to include comprehensive advice on writing compilation theses for doctoral degrees, and a detailed description of preparing case reports. Illustrations, particularly graphs, are discussed in detail, with poor examples redrawn for comparison
Statistika matematika modern
Sub Judul
Call Number 519.5 DUD
Tahun Terbit 1995
Penerbit ITB
Pengarang DUDEWICZ, Edward J. - MISHRA, Satya N.
Subyek Probabilities and applied mathematics
Deformation of earth materials : an introduction to the rheology of solid earth
Sub Judul / Shun-Ichiro Karato.
Call Number 551.8 KAR
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang KARATO, Shun-Ichiro -
Subyek Geology, hydrology, meteorology ; Geologi, hidrologi, meteorologi
Deskripsi This graduate textbook presents a comprehensive, unified treatment of the materials science of deformation as applied to solid Earth geophysics and geology. The deformation of Earth materials is presented in a systematic way covering elastic, anelastic and viscous deformation. Advanced discussions on relevant debates are also included to bring readers a full picture of science in this interdisciplinary area
Anatomy and physiology for emergency care
Sub Judul / Frederic H. Martini, Edwin F. Bartholomew, and Bryan E. Bledsoe.
Call Number 612 MAR
Tahun Terbit 2008
Penerbit Pearson
Pengarang MARTINI, Frederic H. - BARTHOLOMEW, Edwin F. ; BLEDSOE, Bryan E.
Subyek Human Physiology ; Fisiologi Manusia, Ilmu Faal, Anatomi dan Fisiologi Manusia
Deskripsi This newly revised paramedic specific book has been developed to meet the needs of a paramedic program and the interests of trained EMS workers, covering appropriate A&P as well as specific clinical applications. It will enable readers to develop their problem solving skills, build a foundation of basic concepts and essential knowledge, and master terminology and principles important to an understanding of the human body
Laboratory manual for principles of general chemistry
Sub Judul / J.A. Beran.
Call Number 542 BER
Tahun Terbit 2014
Penerbit Wiley
Pengarang BERAN, J.A. -
Subyek Procedures, Equipment of Chemistry ; Prosedur, Perlengkapan dan Alat-alat Kimia
Deskripsi This book has been popular for the past nine editions because of its broad selection of experiments, clear layout, and design. Containing enough material for two or three terms, this lab manual emphasizes chemical principles as well as techniques. In addition, the manual helps students understand the timing and situations for various techniques
An INTRODUCTION to astrobiology
Sub Judul / Andrew Conway [and six others] ; edited by David A. Rothery, Iain Gilmour, and Mark A. Sephton.
Call Number 576.839 INT
Tahun Terbit 2011
Penerbit Cambridge University Press
Pengarang CONWAY, Andrew - ROTHERY, Daivd A. ; GILMOUR, Iain ; SEPHTON, Mark A.
Subyek Evolution ; Evolusi
Deskripsi This new edition has been thoroughly revised to take into account the latest developments in this field. It now covers arsenic-tolerant extremophiles, burgeoning successes in exoplanet detection, results of the Cassini-Huygens mission to Titan and a re-examination of the habitability of Mars. Ideal for introductory courses on the subject, the textbook is also suitable for self-study
Applying nature's design : corridors as a strategy for biodiversity conservation
Sub Judul / Anthony B. Anderson and Clinton N. Jenkins.
Call Number 333.9516 AND
Tahun Terbit 2006
Penerbit Columbia University Press
Pengarang ANDERSON, Anthony B. - JENKINS, Clinton N.
Subyek Economic Situation and Conditions in Asia ; Situasi dan Kondisi Ekonomi di Asia
Deskripsi This book offers a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on corridors, their design, and their implementation. Authors examine a variety of conceptual and practical issues associated with corridors and provide detailed case studies from around the world. Their work considers how to manage and govern corridors, how to build support among various interest groups for corridors, and the obstacles to implementation
MARTIN'S physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences : physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences
Sub Judul / edited by Patrick J. Sinko ; assistant editor Yashveer Singh.
Call Number 615.19 MAR
Tahun Terbit 2011
Penerbit Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Pengarang - SINKO, Patrick J. ; SINGH, Yashveer
Subyek Medical Chemistry ; Kimia Kedokteran, Kimia Kesehatan
Deskripsi This book is considered the most comprehensive text available on the application of the physical, chemical and biological principles in the pharmaceutical sciences. It helps students, teachers, researchers, and industrial pharmaceutical scientists use elements of biology, physics, and chemistry in their work and study. Since the first edition was published in 1960, the text has been and continues to be a required text for the core courses of Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, and Physical Pharmacy
Handbook of modern sensors : physics, designs, and applications
Sub Judul / Jacob Fraden.
Call Number 681.2 FRA
Tahun Terbit 2010
Penerbit Springer
Pengarang FRADEN, Jacob -
Subyek Testing, Measuring, Sensing Instruments ; Produksi Alat-alat untuk Tes, Pengujian dan Sensor
Deskripsi This book is about devices commonly called sensors. Digital systems, however complex and intelligent they might be, must receive information from the outside world that is generally analog and not electrical. Sensors are interface devices between various physical values and the electronic circuits who "understand" only a language of moving electrical charges. In other words, sensors are the eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips. Unlike other books on sensors, this book is organized according to the measured variables (temperature, pressure, position, etc.) that make it much more practical and easier to read